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in-floor heating

Keep toes toasty with In-floor heating

You don't have to live with cold feet or wear thick socks and slippers around the house

any longer. Contact us for in-floor heating system installations or repairs. We get the job

done right.

In-floor heating In-floor heating

•  Wake up to warm floors

•  Heat your home more efficiently

•  Reduce the cost of your energy bills

•  Control the temperature of your rooms more easily

•  More consistent temperature regulation

•  Radiant heat means no forced air registers

•  No noise or dust from mechanical blowers

The benefits of in-floor heating

With our systems, you can heat individual rooms more quickly. That means you can turn your thermostat down while you’re gone during the day and quickly return to a comfortable temperature when you get home.

In-floor systems heat up quickly

Shelton Heating & Cooling Inc. is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind and protection. Our crews are always respectful of your property.


We can ensure that all the heating systems in your home are operating properly, including furnaces and boilers. We will never leave you in the cold.

You can rely on licensed pros

Our systems are good for your health

With our in-floor systems, you'll enjoy better air quality by reducing allergens in your home environment. Dust mite populations are lowered as much as 90% after converting to radiant heat.

You can be confident that you'll love the comfort, health, and energy-saving benefits of our in-floor heating systems.

Call today for your FREE service quote.

Call today for your FREE service quote.